Friday, Jan 22, 2021

Park Rules

dscf9677In order to provide a pleasant park for all residents and visitors please follow a few rules.

  1. The speed limit throughout the park is 5 MPH at all times.
  2. Check out time is 12:00 Noon
  3. Nothing may be hung in trees for ANY reason.
  4. Pets must be leashed at all times while outside.
  5. Pets must be picked up after (scoop the poop) – no exceptions.
  6. Pets may not be left outside unattended and by county ordinance may not be tethered.
  7. Washing of any vehicles in the park is prohibited.
  8. Vehicles must remain on the gravel areas at all times.
  9. You are responsible for your guest(s) to abide by all Spring Hill Park rules and guidelines
  10. Trash is to be placed in the provided receptacles – Please help us keep the park clean by disposing of all trash (including tobacco by-products) properly.
  11. Quiet time is from 9pm to 8am.
  12. We do not issue credit or refunds due to discomfort of nature, weather or early departures.
  13. No Tent Camping permitted.

Get a RV 

Buying an RV isn’t an easy decision to make. It’s more than just buying an RV. It’s learning how to drive or tow it. It’s learning how to do your maintenance and when to take it to the shop. It’s learning how to overcome the sticker shock of gas prices versus mileage.

Buying an RV is a long-term, adventurous investment that isn’t right for everyone. If you’re considering buying an RV, this is the guide you need to understand the big picture that comes with that investment.

As well as these rules we hope that you would have courtesy for your fellow campers and our wildlife, don’t forget about the caravan storage.

What Type of RV Do You Need?

There are two things you need to consider before buying an RV: What type of RV do you need, and do you want a new or used RV? There are motorhomes and towables.

Motorhomes can be driven and towables, well, they need to be towed by a separate vehicle. Depending on your comfort level, towing can be as expensive as buying a motorhome. It comes down to the towable you opt to buy, such as a fifth wheel RV or a travel trailer.

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