Thursday, Feb 29, 2024

Park Rules

Maximum speed 5 MPH

In order to provide a pleasant park for all residents and visitors please follow a few rules.

  • Office Hours 9am-6pm unless otherwise posted on the door or bulletin.
  • 5 MPH Speed Limit at ALL TIMES.
  • Check out 12:00pm / Check in between 12-5pm.
  • REGISTRATION AND FULL PAYMENT is required to stay in the park!!
  • A 72 hour notice is required for cancellations.
  • We reserve the right to increase our rates without notice.
  • No camper allowed older than 10yrs unless approved by Park owner.
  • No driving off roads or off your site parking.
  • 2 Vehicles / site only (No utility trailers, Boats, recreational vehicles allowed at your site unless approved by park owner).
  • No washing of vehicles or campers with park water at any site. (ONLY Washing Services Vendors who bring their own water are allowed).
  • No hanging  personal items on trees ( Hammocks, clotheslines, flags, etc.).
  • You are responsible for the actions of your guests at ALL TIMES including their speed.
  • Only those registered  at your site are allowed to stay, any additional person must be approved by management, a fee of $5.00 a night will be charged/person.
  • Trash  pick up is Tuesday and Friday, ONLY household trash allowed. All other trash is YOUR responsibility  to dispose of!! ( There is  a transfer station on Ferguson Road where you can go to dispose of excess trash, recyclables, cardboard, metal, plastic, glass, wood, carpet, appliances, electrical, automotive, RV parts and demolition debris, etc.)
  • Quiet time throughout the park is from 9pm to 8am.
  • Outside fires are ONLY PERMITTED in above ground fire pits.
  • Do not throw cigarette butts on the ground. 
  • Public display of alcohol use or any controlled substances will not be tolerated.
  • All forms of firearms, fireworks and explosives are not allowed.
  • No Tent Camping / vehicle camping allowed.
  • Food delivery is permitted (Grub Hub, pizza, etc.) You are responsible  to give specific directions to the 5 MPH Speed Limit is to be strictly enforced coming in and going  out of the park.

**Spring Hill RV Park is not responsible for theft, damage to RV’s or Auto’s caused by natural causes (storms/fire/tree or downed limbs) or damage / loss due to power outage. This includes personal injury. **

Extended Stay Guests
  • Only those indicated on your reservation are allowed to stay , no one else for any reason is permitted to Move in and Live in your RV during your stay with us.
  • Having RV insurance is Mandatory.
  • Full payment is due w/in 5 days of your monthly due date for lot rent, electric, propane and storage. A late fee will be charged for each day late thereafter. r
  • You are required to keep your site neat, clean, tidy  and free of excess visible personal belongings of any kind. 
  • You are required to keep your camper exterior clean and free of built up debris, dirt, grim and moss. (ONLY Washing Services Vendors who bring their own water are allowed to wash your camper)
  • No “General Mail” for you is to be delivered here at the Park (not at the office or a mailbox). Only Package Delivery allowed.
  • All Package Deliveries are to be delivered to the Park Office address and left in the carport for you to pick up. All Packages MUST be picked up within 24 hours of delivery. No Deliveries to your site is allowed
  • No renting out of your camper/site is allowed (airbnb, family, friends, etc.)
  • Trash pick up is Tuesday and Friday, ONLY Household trash allowed. All other trash is Your responsibility to dispose of (There is a transfer station on Ferguson Rd where you can go to dispose of excess trash, recyclables, cardboard, metal, glass, wood, plastic, appliances. electrical, automotive, RV parts, demolition debris, etc).
  • Additional limited storage is available for a monthly fee, please inquire at the office.
  • Turn water off at the ground spigot if away for 24hrs or longer. 
  • See all other guidelines, they pertain to you!!

** Campers and Visitors who do not comply with these Park Guidelines will be required to leave. Fees will not be returned to anyone asked to leave for non-compliance of Park Guidelines **

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