Thursday, Jul 18, 2024

Pet Friendly

We love our pets at Spring Hill RV Park! And in order to keep everyone safe and happy we ask that you keep pets leashed while outside.  We have a lot of wildlife around and we wouldn’t want any harm to come to the wildlife or your family pet.  We also ask that you pick up after your pet and dispose of pet waste properly.  The tethering of pets is prohibited by county ordinance.

Pet Policy:

  • Number of pets and what they are must be included on your registration form.
  • All pets must be up to date with State Mandated Rabies Vaccine.
  • Dogs must be on a leash while outside at ALL TIMES and firmly under your control.
  • Dogs are not allowed to be tied to trees.
  • If your dog is outside you MUST be with them.
  • Picking up and disposing of your dogs feces is MANDATORY. No feces is allowed to be left on the ground.
  • A continuously barking dog or aggressive dog will not be tolerated.
  • We strongly encourage keeping cats inside or only on your site w/your supervision.
  • picking up and disposing of your cats feces is MANDATORY. No feces is ALLOWED to be left on the ground.
  • pet feces is to be disposed at your site lined trash barrel or at the Park pet waste basket located at the corner of Jayco Lane. Please DO NOT put your pets waste in any other RV site waste barrel anywhere in the park.

Winter at Spring Hill

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